Four Valid Reasons for Introducing Cannabis Legalization in Europe

Cannabis is often less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, and firearms. Though Cannabis is illegal, people still sell it and smoke it through the black market, and regardless of whether it is legal or not, people keep smoking it irrespective of whatever the government says.

When cannabis legalization in Europe gets implemented, the police may have fewer issues to think about and will focus mostly on crimes and illegal substances. Unlike common opinion, the taxation of marijuana could yield a massive amount of money.

Cannabis is not addictive.

The smoking of cigarettes, which is potentially addictive and causes cancer among other side effects are legal in most European countries. Cigarettes not only kill you, but they also kill the people near you. Cannabis is not only a harmless weed but ten times healthier than any other illicit human drug.

Dismantling the Black Market

The black market has been the only way to buy Cannabis for decades. The drug market can be completely gone with the cannabis legalization in Europe. Marijuana clinics can be registered by the government. They can be regulated and tax generated from the business.

Opportunities for Investment 

Medical Cannabis provides significant local and national benefits to the economies. It could also help secure investors’ portfolios throughout the country and beyond. While marijuana is unlawful at the federal level, investors find it difficult to take advantage of industrial growth. The number of companies dealing with it on public bursaries is limited, and while investors can trade on over-the-counter markets, many of the most profitable companies in the early legal field of Cannabis are located in Canada or other nations.

If Cannabis legalization in Europe is implemented, it would be free for marijuana companies to list their stocks for all EU trade, thus through liquidity and opening up accessibility to many more investors. If cannabis growth rates continue as in the last few years, investors will possibly have a strong interest in the industry.

Jobs and Income

The first move for European countries voting in favor of medicinal marijuana will be the setting up of cannabis nurseries and dispensaries. It would not only build jobs, but they would also be the ball rolling for the marijuana industry’s economic operation. The economic effect becomes more quantifiable as the industry matures in states such as California and Nevada, where such infrastructure already exists.

The study from New Frontier, on federally-legalizing Cannabis, indicates that 1 million jobs could be created by 2025. These jobs will probably be the product of the rapidly growing industry that would spread throughout the European countries. Workers will be required for the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of products made of Cannabis. Also, secondary industries will have ample opportunities linked, but not directly involved in the cultivation and sale of legally-regulated Cannabis.


The policy of Cannabis legalization in Europe is firmly opposed. Critics note the likelihood of conflict between law enforcement officers to comply with changing laws, concern about growing unemployment or the use of the drug by teenagers, the potential for lower property values, and more. Some people are against altering marijuana’s legal status precisely because it is a change to the status quo.

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