5 Things To Know About Synthetic Marijuana Compared To Real Marijuana

Real Marijuana has origins in Asia.  It has been in use for centuries across the globe for its natural mood-altering effects. Synthetic Marijuana is a chemical concoction that gained popularity on the advent of a real marijuana ban. The following are some things you need to know about Synthetic Marijuana as compared to Real Marijuana Shiva Buzz online dispensary 

Chemical composition  


Real Marijuana, scientifically labeled Cannabis sativa is a plant. It has a chemical known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component in the marijuana plant  Extraction is done mainly by cooking or smoking. 



Synthetic concoctions are available on the black market with the label of synthetic Marijuana. Therein is an active cannabinoid, which is a synthetic chemical. It is available online, in shops and retails under coded names. Synthetic Marijuana is a high concentration of harmful substances. It is available cheaply provides a quick fix.  Therefore the demand is high. 


Effects on the brain receptors 


Real and synthetic Marijuana works the same way in the human brain. However, the synthetic marijuana chemical composition is more potent, and its effects are long-lasting on the consumer. It affects other receptors beyond the mind.  


Long term effects on the body 

Synthetic Marijuana instantly destroys the health of consumers. The high chemical concentration destabilizes several receptors in the body, leading to their multiple malfunctions.  Consumers experience instability in heartbeat, constant nausea, agitated and anxious, the body trembles, and high blood pressure. They are prone to hallucinate, find suicide attractive, and exhibit signs of running mad.   

Real Marijuana consumers use it for recreation and health purposes. When continuously consumed, it has health effects. It can affect the critical body senses. The consumer’s abilities to concentrate, comprehend, remember things, and keep time, body sensation will be distorted. A consumer is also prone to respiratory tract infections, including cancer of the esophagus and lungs. 


Market demand for Marijuana 


The ban on real Marijuana led to a rise in the development of cannabinoids. The production and use of synthetic Marijuana is on the rise. The demand for cheap fixes has opened an opportunity for unscrupulous business, which is flourishing. It is at the expense of health. 

Synthetic Marijuana is marketed aggressively as a safe alternative for achieving a quick high.   The youth and adults who have lost hope in life provide a ready and expansive market. Statistics show that over 70% of users are male.  Female users are increasing.   

Disguise of Marijuana 

The synthetic marijuana products are selling under the disguise of healthy herbals. In reality, the brands have a high concentration of cannabinoids. The camouflage to appeals to taste and smell. Once ingested, consumers are left to bear the destructive effects in their bodies.    


Moderate consumption of real Marijuana is not harmful. However, it is addictive. Synthetic Marijuana has no trace of Marijuana. The ban on natural Marijuana opened an avenue for scrupulous business to take over. The artificial marijuana business is lucrative. It increases the temptation to mix more potent chemicals and increases the risk of health. It would be best if you never mistook a quick, cheap high for Marijuana. Stay clear and prolong your good health. 

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